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  • Walking home
    Last shot on the roll. I was saving it for a view that demanded a photograph. I crossed over the ridge and the park road and was about to head back into the woods and down toward Durand Lake. I looked up.
  • Sky, land, and lake
    Eastman Lake in Durand Eastman Park. I recognized the spot as one I had photographed a week before with the cellphone.
  • By the side of Eastman Lake
    In case you haven’t yet caught on, I love Durand Eastman Park.
  • A light on my path
    Different day, but still gloriously bright. I followed a path along one of the ridges jutting out into Eastman Lake.
  • And there were shadows
    Were there is bright sunshine there are also deep shadows.
  • Leaves over the lake
    I took the Yashica-D down to Durand Eastman Park a couple times a week ago. Both were exceedingly bright days.
  • Flowers in the park
    I shot a roll of Portra 400 down in Durand Eastman Park with the Yashica-D. The flowers were out in force.
  • Late afternoon by the lake
    Eastman Lake in Durand Eastman Park, a week ago or so. Last frame on the roll of twelve. It was a beautiful day with the clouds rolling in and out.
  • The cycle of nature
    The lake reclaims what once it nourished.
  • The mystery light
    I keep telling myself I won’t do it next time, but I keep discovering that I put a camera away with a roll of film with a couple exposures on it.