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  • Blogging for The Trek
    I have started blogging for The Trek. Follow me at This will be my primary journal site for the foreseeable future.
  • Giving thanks in a pandemic
    On this US Thanksgiving Day, in the midst of pandemic and loss, I give thanks for the simple beauty we find along the way.
  • Hiking at Stony Brook
    Milady and I got down to Stony Brook State Park a couple weeks ago. Corky sat and edited and I went walking. I was carrying the Argus C3. I started out with Ilford Delta 100, switching midway to Ilford HP5 Plus as I finished the west rim trail. It was a beautiful day. We finished […]
  • Quaker Pond at Mendon Ponds Park
    I spent the afternoon of July 13 hiking around Quaker Pond at Mendon Ponds Park just south of Rochester. I took pictures.
  • On the trail at Mendon Ponds Park
    I spent Monday afternoon hiking around Quaker Pond at Mendon Ponds Park just south of Rochester. It is a beautiful and much loved park with nooks and crannies and memorials all over.
  • Sunlight at Mendon Ponds
    Met up a friend a couple weeks ago for a photo walk in Mendon Ponds Park, another favorite place. It was a beautiful day with the sunlight filtering through the leaves.
  • Reaching tree
    There is a lovely little extension to Durand Eastman park extending out along the road through the park to the main street on the east. It has the most expressive trees.
  • Bring your own elements Eucharist
    Sunday evening we managed to get a bunch of us together for an outdoor communion service on the little rise behind the church.
  • Tangled undergrowth
    I tried to boost the contrast as I have done with others in this set, but did not like the results at all. I was going to dump it. Then I looked back at the original negative scan and decided I rather liked it.
  • Playground in the park
    There is a lovely little extension to Durand Eastman park extending out along the road through the park to the main street on the east. It’s an easy place for people to stop with their children
  • All quiet on the golf course
    The Yellow Ski Trail winds its way up and down the hills and ridges around the golf course.
  • Soloist and choir
    Looking north over the reeds at the south end of Eastman Lake.
  • Yellow ski trail
    If I want a long walk at Durand Eastman Park that does not follow the lakes, I take the yellow ski trail.
  • Walking home
    Last shot on the roll. I was saving it for a view that demanded a photograph. I crossed over the ridge and the park road and was about to head back into the woods and down toward Durand Lake. I looked up.
  • Sky, land, and lake
    Eastman Lake in Durand Eastman Park. I recognized the spot as one I had photographed a week before with the cellphone.
  • By the side of Eastman Lake
    In case you haven’t yet caught on, I love Durand Eastman Park.
  • A light on my path
    Different day, but still gloriously bright. I followed a path along one of the ridges jutting out into Eastman Lake.
  • And there were shadows
    Were there is bright sunshine there are also deep shadows.
  • Leaves over the lake
    I took the Yashica-D down to Durand Eastman Park a couple times a week ago. Both were exceedingly bright days.
  • How terribly strange to be seventy
    Simon & Garfunkel’s words have been echoing through my head. I don’t feel old, but I will readily agree that it feels strange to be seventy. Back when I first heard the song in the 1960s I thought seventy was old. I’m not so sure of that now.
  • By the edge of the bay
    I walked down to the Irondequoit Bay outlet one day last week. These three are looking south from the north end of the bay. The bridge in the distance was completed in 1969. I have been over and under it many times. Two different worlds.
  • Flood pump
    The Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay water levels are high, but nearly as high as it has been. Hopefully the pump can sit idle this season.
  • Neighborly light
    As is my practice, I saved the last frame for home. The afternoon light was bouncing off something bright on the other side of the neighbor’s fence. I decided to try to capture it.
  • Marge’s Lakeside Inn
    Marge’s is a popular watering hole, especially in the summertime when her guests like to walk around the beach in their bare feet.
  • Once a road
    I walked down to the Irondequoit Bay outlet a few days ago. For part of the way I walked along the bluff with its old road markers. There were flowers everywhere.
  • Overlapped Frames
    It is remarkably easy to find the Weltur film advance knob when reaching for the focus knob. There is, unfortunately, no way to wind the film back outside of a black bag.
  • A Tulip for the Ascension
    The last frame on the roll of sixteen is a photograph of a solitary tulip in front of our house. It seemed an appropriate post for today, not so much for the direct symbolism as for the questions it raises.
  • Still waters
    Took the Welta Weltur out last week for the first time in nearly four years. It was a dreary sort of afternoon in Durand Eastman Park, but still lovely.
  • It seemed like a good idea at the time
    This was a test roll to see how the old camera was doing and how it responded to different lighting situations. I took several photographs of this tree from the various sides and got rather different photographs.
  • Evening ghosts
    Durand Eastman Park. Took the Welta Weltur out last Wednesday for the first time in nearly four years.