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  • Blogging for The Trek
    I have started blogging for The Trek. Follow me at This will be my primary journal site for the foreseeable future.
  • Giving thanks in a pandemic
    On this US Thanksgiving Day, in the midst of pandemic and loss, I give thanks for the simple beauty we find along the way.
  • On hiatus for now
    This site is going on hiatus for a while. Look for me on DeviantArt and Instagram. Blessings,Steve
  • Hiking at Stony Brook
    Milady and I got down to Stony Brook State Park a couple weeks ago. Corky sat and edited and I went walking. I was carrying the Argus C3. I started out with Ilford Delta 100, switching midway to Ilford HP5 Plus as I finished the west rim trail. It was a beautiful day. We finished […]
  • Quaker Pond at Mendon Ponds Park
    I spent the afternoon of July 13 hiking around Quaker Pond at Mendon Ponds Park just south of Rochester. I took pictures.
  • Quick update
    Our son and family arrived Wednesday. The are moving back to New York from South Carolina. The Tryon household is in self-quarantine for two weeks. So far it is a relatively happy zoo and apparently healthy.
  • On the trail at Mendon Ponds Park
    I spent Monday afternoon hiking around Quaker Pond at Mendon Ponds Park just south of Rochester. It is a beautiful and much loved park with nooks and crannies and memorials all over.
  • Sunlight at Mendon Ponds
    Met up a friend a couple weeks ago for a photo walk in Mendon Ponds Park, another favorite place. It was a beautiful day with the sunlight filtering through the leaves.
  • Reaching tree
    There is a lovely little extension to Durand Eastman park extending out along the road through the park to the main street on the east. It has the most expressive trees.
  • Bring your own elements Eucharist
    Sunday evening we managed to get a bunch of us together for an outdoor communion service on the little rise behind the church.
  • How to leave a good comment
    Once upon a time I posted on my account a note about how to leave a good comment.
  • Trans lives matter
    This just got a whole lot more personal as our 35 year old son announced on Father’s Day that he was now she.
  • Memorial
    I have come to that stage in my life where Father’s Day means visiting my parents’ gravesite.
  • How terribly strange to be seventy
    Simon & Garfunkel’s words have been echoing through my head. I don’t feel old, but I will readily agree that it feels strange to be seventy. Back when I first heard the song in the 1960s I thought seventy was old. I’m not so sure of that now.
  • I am a racist
    I am a racist. Racism is deeply embedded in the white psyche. I have been a privileged white male for nearly seventy years. But I know better.
  • Remembering
    It was a single-ship mission, ferrying an Army photographer around the Ft. Richardson, Alaska operations area. A week later there appeared in flight operations an envelope from the photographer with pictures he had taken, unbeknownst to us, of each crew member.
  • A Tulip for the Ascension
    The last frame on the roll of sixteen is a photograph of a solitary tulip in front of our house. It seemed an appropriate post for today, not so much for the direct symbolism as for the questions it raises.
  • Hiking the yellow ski trail
    View on Instagram Hiking the yellow ski trail at #durandeastmanpark. A beautiful day. The golfers agree.
  • World Pinhole Photograph Day
    Broke out the #Holga120PC for World Pinhole Photography Day #wppd #wppd2020 It had been raining steadily all day so I opted for an inside shot.
  • Reflections for Easter Sunday
    As others have noted, we celebrate Easter this year much more as did Jesus’ original followers — in the midst of our fear, pain and doubt. Things didn’t feel very joyous that first Easter morning, nor do they now.
  • Rejoice with me!
    Rejoice with me. I just did twenty-four hours between 5mg oxycodone doses. That is the lowest level of meds I have been on in a year and a half. My body is not happy with me, but it did it. The back and foot are doing well; at this point it’s the oxycodone that’s keeping me […]
  • Remembering Dad, 5 December 2013
    These are my words from the memorial service for my father, Lansing E. Tryon, on December 5, 2013. They were among the most difficult words I have ever had to speak or write. But they are good for me to remember, because even here is to be found the gospel if only we have the ears to hear.
  • Wyrde and Wicked by Charlotte English
    House of Werth, Book 2 I read it in one sitting, which is to say that Charlotte has once again kept me up far too late, or early, as the case may be. It is wickedly wyrde. Highly recommended. But don’t start with this one, read Wyrde and Wayward first or you will be thoroughly […]
  • Witchcraft by Charles Williams
    First published 1941. Williams himself states by way of introduction, These pages must stand for what they are—a brief account of the history in Christian times of that perverted way of the soul which we call magic, or (on a lower level) witchcraft, and with the reaction against it.
  • What do you have in your hands?
    Our “Connection Group” at Rochester Christian Reformed Church meets twice a month. We take turns coming up with a sharing question for the group. Jim’s question for this evening’s get together was this. It concerns the first of the beatitudes in the fifth chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew. “Blessed are the poor in […]
  • Snake
    Snake coming in, low and hot; the infantryman’s friend. #Inktober52 prompt for January 23.
  • New hardware in my foot
    Got new hardware in my right foot on Thursday. The main toe joint was an awful mess. Much better now with the arthritis all cleaned out and the joint fused at a 15° angle for better distance walking.
  • I will always remember…
    I will always remember that I am one finite human being, with assorted weaknesses, and that’s ok. I will always remember that I will not live forever on this earth, and that’s ok, too. I will always remember that Jesus loves me, and that is enough.
  • Brick
    A solid thing, a thing for building; a camera, a thing for building dreams. #Inktober52 prompt for January 16.
  • Stories of grace
    This week’s writing prompt from Amanda, @amandalumays on Instagram: Your story is still being written. As long as you are living you have not reached the end of your story. Maybe you can’t fix everything that is broken. That’s okay, none of us have fixed all the broken places within us. Instead, can you focus […]