Argus C3 Journal Photography

Reaching tree

There is a lovely little extension to Durand Eastman park extending out along the road through the park to the main street on the east.
It has the most expressive trees.

There is a lovely little extension to Durand Eastman park extending out along the road through the park to the main street on the east. It’s an easy place for people to stop with their children. It’s also a great for an outdoor yoga session, which is what I was there for.

And it has the most expressive trees.

This is not exactly a panorama, but I did stand in one place and take photographs all the way around. The last two are from closer in to the reaching tree. I do like this spot.

Argus C3 with 50mm lens
Expired Kodak GC 200, cross-processed with D76
Epson V500 photo scanner

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By Steven Tryon

I am a photographer, walker, and sometime paddler, a theologically-educated geek living in Rochester, NY. Once upon a time I was an Army helicopter jockey in Alaska.

I started with film, switched to digital, then went back to classic film cameras.

With major back surgery in August 2019 and bunion repair in January 2020 now behind me, I am gearing up to start Appalachian Trail NOBO in June, 2021 to celebrate my seventy-first birthday. Blogging for The Trek.

8 replies on “Reaching tree”

Wonderful foliage and such towering trees, how nice it must be to live in one of the houses in th background.
I particularly like the shot of the empty swing set, although it reminds me that my son has been unable to swing in public play parks for some times now (not mentioning the C word)
Really great photos anyway Steven, do you mostly shoot in black and white or do you do colour shots too?


It is a beautiful place. It’s one of the parks my parents took me to sixty years ago. We lived five miles or so from the park. When my wife and I downsized eight years ago we ended up half a mile from the back edge of the park. I like that.

The swings here and elsewhere around the park and around Rochester were cordoned off for a long time. Thankfully, New York State has done a much better job than most in squashing the curve. We are reopening gradually and carefully.


I shoot with classic film cameras. (The Argus C3 I used here is the same age as I, give or take five years.) I shoot black and white most of the time. I’ve been known to take a good color photograph, but I have to work at it a lot more.
I had a perfectly good DSLR but finally gave it to my son. I’ve been doing computers and networks for decades. It’s refreshing to work with zero-electronics cameras.


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