How to leave a good comment

Once upon a time I posted on my account a note about how to leave a good comment.

Once upon a time I posted on my account a note about how to leave a good comment. I wrote it for photographs, paintings, drawings and other such visual art. It is just as germane to the essays and poems folk post here on WordPress.

The photograph is one I took years ago of Fella, the deviantArt mascot, back in the days when dA carried branded merchandise.

One could write another essay on how to receive a comment on one’s artwork. Other than saying, “be gracious and non-defensive”, I’ll leave that for another person or time.

Steve’s suggestions on how to leave a good comment…

  1. Tell the artist what caught your eye, something your particularly liked or didn’t like.
  2. Tell the artist something you think they could have done differently or better.
  3. Suggest an alternate title; it tells the artist what you saw in the image.
  4. Interact with the artwork, continue its story.
  5. Ask the artist how or why they did something.
  6. If nothing else, even “Ooh, pretty!” or “Oh, ick!” is a lot more information than no comment at all.


By Steven Tryon

I am a photographer, walker, and sometime paddler, a theologically-educated geek living in Rochester, NY. Once upon a time I was an Army helicopter jockey in Alaska.

I started with film, switched to digital, then went back to classic film cameras.

With major back surgery in August 2019 and bunion repair in January 2020 now behind me, I am gearing up to start Appalachian Trail NOBO in June, 2021 to celebrate my seventy-first birthday. Blogging for The Trek.

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