Welcome to the Pearwood Staff

I am a photographer, writer, walker, and sometime paddler, a theologically-educated geek. Once upon a time I was an Army helicopter jockey.

With major back surgery in August 2019 and bunion repair in January 2020 now behind me, I am gearing up to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021 to celebrate my seventy-first birthday.

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Recent posts:

  • Flood pump
    The Lake Ontario and Irondequoit Bay water levels are high, but nearly as high as it has been. Hopefully the pump can sit idle this season.
  • Neighborly light
    As is my practice, I saved the last frame for home. The afternoon light was bouncing off something bright on the other side of the neighbor’s fence. I decided to try to capture it.
  • Marge’s Lakeside Inn
    Marge’s is a popular watering hole, especially in the summertime when her guests like to walk around the beach in their bare feet.
  • I am a racist
    I am a racist. Racism is deeply embedded in the white psyche. I have been a privileged white male for nearly seventy years. But I know better.
  • Once a road
    I walked down to the Irondequoit Bay outlet a few days ago. For part of the way I walked along the bluff with its old road markers. There were flowers everywhere.
  • Overlapped Frames
    It is remarkably easy to find the Weltur film advance knob when reaching for the focus knob. There is, unfortunately, no way to wind the film back outside of a black bag.
  • Remembering
    It was a single-ship mission, ferrying an Army photographer around the Ft. Richardson, Alaska operations area. A week later there appeared in flight operations an envelope from the photographer with pictures he had taken, unbeknownst to us, of each crew member.
  • A Tulip for the Ascension
    The last frame on the roll of sixteen is a photograph of a solitary tulip in front of our house. It seemed an appropriate post for today, not so much for the direct symbolism as for the questions it raises.
  • Still waters
    Took the Welta Weltur out last week for the first time in nearly four years. It was a dreary sort of afternoon in Durand Eastman Park, but still lovely.
  • It seemed like a good idea at the time
    This was a test roll to see how the old camera was doing and how it responded to different lighting situations. I took several photographs of this tree from the various sides and got rather different photographs.