Welcome to the Pearwood Staff

I am a photographer, walker, and sometime paddler, a theologically-educated geek. Once upon a time I was an Army helicopter jockey.

This site is primarily for my writing. I use deviantArt for my photography and Instagram for general updates and chatter.

  • Rejoice with me!
    Rejoice with me. I just did twenty-four hours between 5mg oxycodone doses. That is the lowest level of meds I have been on in a year and a half. My body is not happy with me, but it did it. The back and foot are doing well; at this point it’s the oxycodone that’s keeping me on oxycodone. But we’re beating […]
  • Remembering Dad, 5 December 2013
    These are my words from the memorial service for my father, Lansing E. Tryon, on December 5, 2013. They were among the most difficult words I have ever had to speak or write. But they are good for me to remember, because even here is to be found the gospel if only we have the ears to hear.
  • Wyrde and Wicked by Charlotte English
    House of Werth, Book 2 I read it in one sitting, which is to say that Charlotte has once again kept me up far too late, or early, as the case may be. It is wickedly wyrde. Highly recommended. But don’t start with this one, read Wyrde and Wayward first or you will be thoroughly lost. You may be lost […]
  • Witchcraft by Charles Williams
    First published 1941. Williams himself states by way of introduction, These pages must stand for what they are—a brief account of the history in Christian times of that perverted way of the soul which we call magic, or (on a lower level) witchcraft, and with the reaction against it.
  • What do you have in your hands?
    Our “Connection Group” at Rochester Christian Reformed Church meets twice a month. We take turns coming up with a sharing question for the group. Jim’s question for this evening’s get together was this. It concerns the first of the beatitudes in the fifth chapter of the Gospel according to Matthew. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the […]

With major back surgery in August 2019 and bunion repair in January 2020 now behind me, I am gearing up for #AppalachianTrail2021 for #Birthday71.

I will always remember…

  • I will always remember that I am one finite human being, with assorted weaknesses, and that’s ok.
  • I will always remember that I will not live forever on this earth, and that’s ok, too.
  • I will always remember that Jesus loves me, and that is enough.

So what catches my eye? An eye to see beauty in the unusual or, even more, in the ordinary things of life. A portrait that reveals something unique or special of the one portrayed — or of the artist (self-portraits in particular fascinate me), or of joy, grief, and hope of life. A gaze into the eyes of the one gazing at the artist. The sheer joy of creation. A delight in the ridiculous that resides in all of us. Gracefulness of form and motion.

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